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TerraTrike Bushing / 10mm Rover seat bushings
Bushing / 10mm ID Rover seat bushings
TerraTrike Bushing / 12mm for Linkage Steering Brace and Hubmounts
- For TerraTrike models 3.6 and newer. - Bushing / 12mm for linkage steering brace and hubmounts
TerraTrike Bushing / 20mm Nylon For Direct Steer Hubmounts
- Bushing / 20mm Nylon for direct steer hubmounts
TerraTrike Idler
- This "L" bracket is used to hold the idlers in place.
TerraTrike Computer Sensor Bracket
Terra Trike's new and improved computer bracket lets you mount any cycle computer safely and easily. The bracket is: - More adjustable - Fits wide range of computer sensors - Sensors mount more securely
TerraTrike Idler
$13.95 - $19.95
Play it safe and have a spare or two on hand. Keep them in your seat bag along with the mini toolkit just in case you need to replace one during a ride. Idlers (see chart for trike compatibility): - Standard Idler: A single idler wheel with bearing and retaining ring. Two of these are used in the front and two are used in the rear. Our idler wheels are now made of delrin which is much more durable than the old urethane idlers. - Deluxe 10 Tooth Idler: The Deluxe Idler Wheel features an 10 toothed Cog and open holes to allow for a lighter product that is quieter and longer lasting. - Deluxe 13 Tooth Idler: The Deluxe Idler Wheel features an 13 toothed Cog and open holes to allow for a lighter product that is quieter and longer lasting. YOU CAN NOT MIX 13 TOOTH WITH OTHER IDLERS ON THE SAME IDLER BOLT! NOTE: Must be paired with another 13 tooth idler within idler set. Optional idler "L" mounting bracket sold seperately
TerraTrike Extended Rack Stays
Replace your lower seat stays with these 366mm stays and increase the length by 5.5cm over the original ones.
TerraTrike Dual Control Brake Lever - Right Hand
Do you need to operate both brakes with one hand? Do you prefer to have no brake-steer? If you answered yes to either question, order this dual control brake lever, which is a single lever that actuates both brakes. Compatible with all TerraTrikes currently sold.
TerraTrike Teardrop Flag
- Be seen with this highly visible teardrop style flag. - Made from an indestructible nylon fabric with reflective edging - Features bold graphics and colors. - Each flag measures 36 x 9-inches and comes with a 48-inch flag pole with flag clip. - These are a great way to stylize your trike (or bike) and make yourself visible to others.
TerraTrike Seat Mesh - Rover
In the event that your TerraTrike's seat mesh sustains damage or excessive wear, we recommend replacing the mesh to ensure the best quality ride. The breathable mesh easily buckles around any generation TerraTrike seat frame, and the adjustable straps tighten to provide custom support. This item is also a good buy for Rover owners who would like to upgrade from the stock nylon material on the Rover seat to the breathable mesh.
Sun Seeker Recumbent Basket
Rear cargo basket fits most two wheel and Delta style Sun Seeker recumbents. - Steel construction - Fits rear of EZ, ECO and X-Series seatbacks - Attaches to Cool Back sear frame and lower seat struts - Not for use on Tadpole style trikes
TerraTrike Wide Handlebars, Direct Steer
The new wide handlebar option made especially for the Rover for the comfort and enjoyment of riders of any type. These handlebars add 2.5 inches of space to either side of the trike’s cockpit area compared to a standard set up. The handlebars are also compatible with Ramblers and Travelers prior to the 2016 model year.
TerraTrike Comfort Padded Seat Mesh
- Upgrade your TerraTrike with the padded seat mesh. - It features a breathable mesh and added cushioning in all the right places. - Fits all models except the Gran Tourismo and E.V.O.
Sunlite Semi-Rigid Canopy
- EZ-1, EZ-Sport, EZ- Tandem, X1, X2, EZ- Tomahawk, EZ-3SX/AX, X3 SX/AX - Also fits Miami Sun Trikes with western saddle
TerraTrike Wide Rover Seat Frame
Designed specifically to give riders more room on the seat of their Rover, this product would replace the stock seat frame and seat mesh. It is a great solution for those who feel unsupported by the stock seat style on the Rover, and is compatible with all Rover generations.
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