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Fitting Services

Foundation Fit

Advanced Fit

Motion Capture

Saddle Pressure

Cleat Positioning

Foot Pressure

Force/Time Analysis

In Home Peloton and Spin-Bike Fitting

Our fitters are trained to make sure your interaction with the bike is the best it can possibly be. We’ve been trained in the schools of Serotta, Fit Kit, and are powered by Trek Precision Fit. 

Whether you’re a Pro-level racer, a club rider, or just like hitting the trails; your unique body and goals are all what guide the changes made to your bike to better serve you. Comfort and efficiency are the most important things.
Speed follows.

We’re committed to your bike befitting the way you ride. Our fitting comes from a medical and anatomical background, collaborating science with your input to perfect your position.




Foundation Fit $100 (included with new bike purchase)

Through an interview process and select key measurements, rider's ideal position is determined by:

-Saddle height       

-Saddle fore-aft

-Upper body positioning

Allow approximately 1 hour

Advanced Fit $200

Through an interview, physical evaluation, and static on-bike measurements, a road fit will determine a rider's ideal:

- Shoe sizing and cleat placement

- Saddle selection

- Saddle height

- Saddle fore/aft position

- Stem length and position

- Handlebar width and position

- Aero pad and bar position (where applicable)

Allow approximately 1.5-2 hours

Motion Capture $300

The Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis includes a thorough custom analysis of your rider biomechanics and movement through the use of High-speed video and pressure mapping, resulting in the best analysis of your position on the bike, working along with a thorough interview and physical evaluation. Our highest recommended, and precise fit.

Motion capture dynamic analysis includes: 
- Video analysis of on-bike position
- Pressure mapping
- Saddle Selection
- Saddle Height
- Saddle Fore/Aft position
- Stem length and position
- Handlebar width and position
- Shoe Sizing and Cleat placement
- Cumulative Before/After fit report
- Aero pad and bar position (where applicable)

Allow approximately 2-2.5 hours

Fitting a Tri Bike but want to be fit on your Road Bike as well? We offer your second bike fit service for $125.00

Pressure Mapping Saddle Consultation $100

Using highly sensitive pressure mapping equipment, real quantifiable and visual data can be found about the interaction between you and your saddle. By adding our pressure mapping to any of our levels of fit, we can better see any cause of discomfort, or otherwise imperfect fit with the most important contact point. This service can also help in ideal saddle selection, and add another view at pedaling dynamics.

Cleat Positioning $75

Everyone’s foot gait is different, as we all know. Your walking foot gait is just as individualized as your cleat position. The way you pedal, however, isn’t the same way that you walk. So, by using Rotational Adjustment Devices (RAD's), a rider's cleats are aligned more accurately to the natural position of their foot on the pedal.

Allow approximately 1 hour

An expansion of the benefits of pressure.

Focusing on the foot creates an increase of efficiency and comfort in the shoe. Pressure sensors in the shoe show contact area, pedaling dynamics, evidence of leg length/power discrepancies, and much more in a way never before possible without this technology.

Better foot support can be implemented through footbeds, appropriate wedges, or cleat movement.

Can be applied to any other fit service. 


Force/Time Analysis $60

The true measure of efficiency. 

This is a great service for continued improvement of the mechanics of your pedal stroke. With far greater accuracy than any currently available power meter, your pedal stroke is critiqued over real time to show where the ideal application of effort needs improvement. 

This service is designed as a follow-up to an already performed fitting. We strongly recommend having performed a Foot Pressure Analysis before taking advantage of a Force/Time Analysis session. 

Sessions last roughly 30min 

In Home Peloton and Spin-Bike Fitting $200*

Maximize your in home cycling experience

This service is for people who have purchased Peloton bikes or other indoor spin-bikes. 

Are you looking to improve your current comfort level or prevent potential injury? 

Our certified bicycle fit technician will come conveniently to your home and talk about your personal issues and make adjustments to your bike, shoes, cleats, and saddle to improve your indoor training experience. 

Parts not included.

Saddle Pressure add-on $50 

Add a pressure mapping saddle consultation to your in-home fit. Learn more about this service here

*Price may vary depending on client location

Guaranteed Fit

Here at The Bike Rack, we understand that bike fit is a journey. A lot of things can happen to change one's body and therefor your fit. Because of this, we guarantee our fits for 6 Months from the day you leave with your new fit. Provided no additional changes are made outside of our store, we allow as many follow ups within that time as is necessary to dial in any issues you may find on the road.

Contact us to schedule an appointment, or ask any further questions you may have!


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