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An all new Bike Rack Performance Center!

Due to Covid-19 this season will be virtual. 

We are teaming up with the Fox Valley Bicycle & Ski Club to offer group rides and keep us riding together.

During this COVID-19 period when indoor training is canceled, the Fox Valley Bicycle & Ski Club (FVBSC) offers group rides (called “Meetups”) this winter using the ZWIFT online gaming program dedicated to indoor cycling. Think: Mario Kart on bikes, but with more sweat! This is a great way to stay in cycling condition or build conditioning for spring riding … all in the comfort of your own home. ZWIFTing means you never have to ride inside alone again. 

Interested in a structured PerfPro workout? 

We are working to bring the training center to you. PerfPro workouts and video overlay will be live streamed on YouTube so you see the workout profile and countdown timer that you are used to.You will run the same workout on your equipment, we all start at the same time and are synced to the live stream. Optional video conferencing will be available or you can participate by phone only. 

Need a trainer to join the fun?
Checkout what we have in stock here!

FVBSC Meetups

Here are the basics in getting started – Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Get the Gear

The gear you need for ZWIFT is similar to what you’d use in a standard indoor cycling setup.  You need a fan, a towel, a water bottle and some kind of power meter or smart trainer, such as a Wahoo or Saris trainers, that measures power.

You can play through a laptop, tablet or phone, but hooking into your TV is a more immersive experience.

  1. Download the ZWIFT APPS and Discord app (optional)

ZWIFT is an internet game that you can subscribe to ($14.99 per month) and then ride any of eight virtual worlds, many of which are simulation of real-world locations. It allows for riding in a rather realistic way if you have a “smart” trainer, although you don’t need that to use ZWIFT.  
Discord will allow for voice communication during each ride.

  1. Join A Meetup

Join the Ride

You are invited to join in the FVBSC Meetups for a 2-ride trial.  If you have a great experience (and you will!), please consider joining our club for a $20 annual membership fee (which is offset by a $20 Bike Rack coupon so the net is $ZERO).

Simply check the FVBSC RIDE CALENDAR to find ZWIFT Meetups that work with your schedule.  Identify who is the Meetup leader, then find and connect with that person in the ZWIFT companion app.  Note:  All FVBSC members are easy to identify as they have (FVBSC) after their names.  The leader will then invite you to the Meetup and you are good to go.  

When it’s time for the Meetup to start, open the ZWIFT (orange), start pedaling and the app will inform you that the Meetup is about to begin and asks you to join in.  It’s that easy.

Join the Conversation (optional)

Next open the Discord app and link to # group-a and press the voice button.  

For more information on ZWIFT Meetups, please visit our website or contact Jerry Shields at

PerfPro @ Home

Are you missing the structured workouts of our training center?

We are going to bring the training center to you. The same calendar, same workouts and same group dynamic. 

But we need your feedback to get this started, so please let us know if you are interested. There is no cost except computer software if you need it and $3.99/month if you need the workouts pushed to your Garmin or Wahoo device.

The live stream workouts will have annotations so they are easier to follow. Here is an example of a regular PerfPro workout and a video workout:

Contact Dana to get in on the rides

What you need:

A display to watch the YouTube live stream.

A smart trainer or Computrainer.

A computer and software – PerfPro, ErgVideo or Golden Chettah. PerfPro will give us a discount if we buy 5 or more licenses. I don’t have the pricing right now but the regular price is $99, and I fully support it. ErgVideo is free and I can help with setup, Golden Cheetah is free but I can only provide limited support. The workouts are emailed to you and you simply load them into your software.


Garmin Edge or Wahoo Elemnt – you may already be using this setup but there are a couple of extra setup steps needed to execute the %FTP files.

            Your Edge or Elemnt connected to your trainer.

            A free account to push the workout to your Garmin or Wahoo mobile app, which pushes to your Edge or Elemnt.

            A paid account ($3.99/month) where you send the provided workout to your training peaks account.

I've tried the computer method and it works great. I need volunteers to try the Edge/Elemnt method as I do not have a smart trainer to try.