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An all new Bike Rack Performance Center!

Welcome to the Performance Center

A state of the art training facility that brings your cycling together in a fun and friendly group.

Whatever fitness goals you have we can help. 

Power based workouts using Computrainers at your fitness level. 

Choose from different types of classes: Recreational, Zone 2, HIIT, Interval,Tempo, Aerobic Foundation, and more!

$15 Coached Classes

Use winter to take your cycling to the next level

Classes focus on endurance, strength, and skill development. Coaches goals range from simple endurance building to in depth skill development


$10 Group Ride Classes

 Don't let winter keep you from the fun and fitness of group riding
Uncoached classes with various intensities and video-integrated workouts pull all the benefits of being on your bike indoors for winter


Your First Time Is Free!
If its your first time at our center contact us and we will set you up with a free class.

A remodel this big deserves a whole new sign up experience

Click Here to sign up with Wellness Living Today!

As with all things there are some quirks. Click here to learn about signing up for the whole season.

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