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What is Creative Mobility???

Creative Mobility -

Creative Mobility is about putting a positive spin on wheelchairs and adaptive bikes. Enabling people to go where they've never gone is our specialty. Check out our online catalog featuring many different types of adaptive equipment. Here you will find pictures, specifications and pricing info. Our catalog features wheelchairs, hand powered bikes and adaptive trikes, bikes and tandems.

At Creative Mobility, we specialize in helping you find the right equipment solution for your specific needs. Custom fitting is an integral part of what we can do for you. Seating, adaptations and modifications are only part of the services we offer. Fittings by appointment.

Please email us or call Hal at 1-800-711-BIKE to set up a time for us to meet.

      Quickie * Freedom Ryder * ActionTopEnd
      Quickie* Action * Invacare* Etac* Ti Sport
      Freedom Concepts * Traveler * Trice * Haluzak * Catrike * Penninger