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Ice Trikes ICE VTX

Ice Trikes ICE VTX
This item is currently not available.


Shimano Ultegra 2x11 drive train
VTX carbon air Pro L seat
with neckrest

included accessories.
Rear Mudguard
front chainring guard
Shimano 324 pedals
Boom adjust kit
ICE flag
2 under seat bottles and cages


A perfect blend of performance, dynamic handling and comfort coupled with stunning looks and detailing to create the ultimate trike. With the lowest seating position of all our trikes, the VTX delivers superior performance guaranteed to put a smile on your face. A dynamic matt black colour scheme and custom graphics make the VTX look as good as it rides.

The VTX is the trike you need if you like to go fast. Sleek, lean, and finely tuned, the ICE VTX delivers superior performance for the most exacting rider. Super-charged with technical expertise and specialist knowledge, the ICE VTX is a different breed of recumbent trike. 

The VTX recently won 12 World Records for fastest trike in the WUCA trike cycling classes. Jochem Leemans from the Netherlands set a blistering average speed of 25.72mph for 100km. That’s very fast! Caleb from Las Vegas recently set 10 road cycling world records on his ICE VTX. And hot off the press the VTX is still the fastest trike in its class, winning the prestigious 2022 world human-powered vehicle association championships (WHPVA) in the men's and women's unfaired trike category in Orgelet France. 

This demonstrates the winning pedigree of our world class flagship VTX performance trike, and is also underpinned by our whole range of trike models. Every stage; from trike design, specification of components, the build and assembly, with rigorous attention to detail, gives you the peace of mind you'll be riding the best performing range of trikes in the world. All backed up with our 10-year warranty and enviable reputation.

Part Numbers

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