Hase Lepus

Hase Lepus
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The Lepus is distinguished by its comfortable handling features. The suspension system makes the Lepus into an all-round trike for every sort of terrain.
With its 9 speeds, it can be ridden effortlessly over hills and mountains. Its low center of gravity and generous track width give it stability in motion, even on rough underground. The Lepus is a dynamic HPV that runs very smoothly due to its light weight and high-quality components. To ensure optimal riding comfort, the Lepus is flexibly adjustable. Apart from the length adjustment, the position of the handlebar grips and the seat angle can also be adjusted. The generous carrier racks make shopping fun. It also provides storage space for luggage on longer tours. With its total width of 81 cm / 32” it can fit through standard doorways (90 cm / 35”).

The Lepus is foldable. It can be folded down to a third of its original size. This way it even fits into a small car. Smallest possible dimension: 81 cm x 58 cm x 120 cm / 32" x 23" x 47". The Lepus is also the ideal vehicle for rehabilitation. It has a comprehensive selection of accessories (see special pedals, special handlebars, single-hand operation etc.) which allows customization to suit individual needs.