Cane Creek VALT Spring

Cane Creek VALT Spring
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A higher quality spring greatly improves the performance of your coil shock. VALT springs from Cane Creek are much lighter than traditional steel springs while pushing the boundaries of performance and durability.

- Inner diameter of 36.5mm is compatible with all Cane Creek coil shocks
- Also compatible with Manitou, Marzocchi, XFusion, ELKA/MRP, BOS and DSP
- Compatible with Fox coil shocks with required spring clip adaptor

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
2-inches / 400-pounds 840226134376 AAD1760 CAN551422840
2-inches / 500-pounds 840226134390 AAD1762 CAN554565290
2.25-inches / 400-pounds 840226134406 AAD1763 CAN557642360
2.25-inches / 450-pounds 840226134413 AAD1764 CAN558398370
2.25-inches / 500-pounds 840226134420 AAD1765 CAN556485500
2.25-inches / 550-pounds 840226134550 AAD1766 CAN552165740
2.50-inches / 400-pounds 840226134437 AAD1767 CAN55586350
2.50-inches / 450-pounds 840226134444 AAD1768 CAN553648520
2.50-inches / 500-pounds 840226134451 AAD1769 CAN559030960
2.75-inches / 400-pounds 840226134703 AAD1771 CAN558042450
2.75-inches / 450-pounds 840226134710 AAD1772 CAN557638910
2.75-inches / 500-pounds 840226134727 AAD1773 CAN55616720
3-inches / 350-pounds 840226134758 AAD1776 CAN558853100
3-inches / 400-pounds 840226134765 AAD1777 CAN557038780
3-inches / 450-pounds 840226134772 AAD1778 CAN555230090
3.5-inches / 300-pounds 840226134796 AAD1780 CAN559165190
3.5-inches / 350-pounds 840226134802 AAD1781 CAN558629070