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We carry the full line of Trek Ride+ E-Bikes.

We also have the Electra Go Collection and electric assist recumbent trikes.

We also specialize in Electric Assist Conversions!

Want to take your favorite bike or trike and make it electric assist? We have you covered. Bring your bike in and talk to one of our expert mechanics.

Complete Rental, Test Ride, and Demo Center!

Invented at MIT and developed by Superpedestrian's team of leading robotics engineers, the Copenhagen Wheel redefines e-bike technologies Seamless, award-winning design All the innovation of the Copenhagen Wheel lives inside the brilliant red hub. There are no wires, throttles, or bulky external batteries. Braking, redefined Backpedal to slow down and put power back into the Wheel for that extra boost of battery power. Backpedal to slow down and put power back into the Copenhagen Wheel for that extra boost of battery power State of the art security Your smartphone is the digital key to unlock, secure and ride the Copenhagen Wheel. Sorry thieves that love red. Advanced diagnostics system The self-diagnostic system provides proactive protection that monitors riding conditions and respond to events so the Wheel protects itself in real-time. Choose your mode Open the app. Choose the level of assistance from Turbo, Standard, and Eco and ride. Or go Exercise for a serious workout. Simple. Future proofed Get upgrades to your Wheel and mobile app without leaving home. New features and capabilities come to life through over-the-air updates. Ride one yourself. Copenhagen Wheel is a rear bicycle wheel that contains a built-in electric motor, battery, computer, and sensor array inside the red hub Your Wheel is custom for your bike
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