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Greenspeed GT 3
People have told us they would buy a trike if it was easier to transport. Plus we have seen an increase in the number of people wanting to use trikes for occasional recreational riding, rather than long distance touring and everyday commuting for which the GTR and GTO were designed. So how do we satisfy this demand and introduce more people to the benefits of riding a trike? Now it seems that many people like to drive to their favourite riding trail, unload their bike from their car, and then ride in peace and quiet away from the traffic. Thus it seems that the trike should be able to fit into the boot (trunk) of a car. So we used 16" wheels as we have done on the GTC and GTX to reduce the whole size of the trike. Plus people would not really want to spend 1/4 hour assembling a trike with the S&S couplings each time they went for a ride, thus we made the trike so could be FOLDED in 30 seconds.
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