Trek Icon Road Stem Recall

Trek is recalling the Icon-branded Havana™ and Bordeaux™ handlebar stems featured on select 1999 Trek road bikes. 4,500 of these stems were sold separately as accessories over 3 years as well. No mountain bikes, children's bikes, hybrids, recumbents, or any other Trek bikes or stems are affected. If you purchased a 1999 Trek road bike or have purchased an Icon road stem separately, please read the following notice to see if your stem may be affected. If you have any questions as to whether your stem is affected or not, please contact us before riding your bicycle again. As an authorized Trek dealer, we will replace any affected stem free of charge.

Are all Icon road stems affected?

No. Only 1999-model year Havana and Bordeaux stems. The affected stems measure 17-20 millimeters or about 3/4 of an inch across the top of the clamp. Wider stems are not affected.

What exactly is the problem?

The single bolt of the stems can be over-torqued or fatigued, which can cause the faceplate of the stem to detach from the stem. This could cause riders to lose control of the bicycle.

How do I tell the difference between an Affected stem and a Non-Affected stem?

The stems above that are marked with the red "A" are affected, the stems that are marked "NA" are not affected.

Where can I take my bicycle to find out if it has an affected stem?

If you are in our area, you may bring your bicycle to us, regardless of where you purchased your bicycle or stem. If you are not in our area, to find the nearest Trek dealer, call 800-313-8735 or visit the link posted below. It is not required that a bicycle be returned to the same dealer where the bicycle was purchased for inspection.

Will a stem replacement cost me anything?

No. Trek will replace the affected stem free of charge.

If I haven't noticed any problems with my stem, can I still use my bike?

No. A bicycle in question should not be ridden until it has been inspected by us or another authorized Trek dealer.

Exactly which complete bicycle models are affected?

All of the following 1999 Trek road bike models are affected:

520, 2200, 2200T WSD, 2200T, 2300, 2300T, 2500, 2500T, 5000, 5000T, 5200 Pearl White, 5200 Blue, 5200T Pearl White, 5200T Blue, 5500 Black, 5500 USPS, Y Foil 66, Y Foil 66T, Y Foil 77