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About Your New Bike

Thank you for choosing us for your new bike. We want to make sure you get the best riding experience and that your bike works great for years to come. These videos will cover the basics of operating and maintaining your new bike.  

Cable stretch is normal, this will affect shifting and sometimes braking as the bike ages. All minor adjustments are free for the first year while your bike settles in. 

After a month or two of riding or approximately 150 miles. We like to see it back for a New Bike Check to ensure everything is settling in properly now that the bike is being ridden.

Check the pressure in your tires at least once a week if you are riding regularly, and before every ride if you are not.

Have fun and enjoy your new ride!

Unique to your new road bike

Everything above applies to your new road bike. Additionally, we include our Foundation Fit with all new road style bikes. Contact or give us a call for more information about scheduling your fit.