Mindbody Contract Step By Step

We know most people prefer to pay monthly for their season but want to keep their spot. To do this in Mindbody we need to use contracts.

The process is not as straight forward as we would like and we created this step by step guide to help you through the process. 

As a thanks to you, all contracts will come with one bonus class each payment to use to try other classes.

As always we are here to help. If you have any trouble don't hesitate to contact Lance or Dane and they can help you further.

Step 1:

Head on over to our Mindbody Site and get logged in/signed up

The contract feature is currently unsupported in the Mindbody App. You will need to open Mindbody in the browser of your choice

Click here to visit our Mindbody site

Step 2:

Click the ONLINE STORE tab at the top right of the page

Step 3:

Chose the Contracts section in the online store

Step 4:

Choose your desired contract from the drop down list

Coached and Uncoached classes are not interchangeable. Make sure you are picking the contract for the type of classes you want to schedule.

Step 5:

Depending on when you sign up the contract may end before the end of the season.
This is OK, as the classes used to sign up are good for the entire season.

Read and accept the terms then click "Make Purchase"

Step 6:

Your shopping cart should look similar to this. It is normal for 2 items to show up.

The first is your monthly payment and bonus class. The second is your pack of classes to get signed up for the season.

Click CHECK OUT to continue

Step 7:

Complete Checkout by entering payment information and clicking PLACE ORDER

Step 8:

After your purchase is confirmed choose CLASSES from the tabs at the top

Change the date at the top right and you should see a screen similar to above

Step 9:

Choose the class you want to sign up for and click "Sign Up Now"

Step 10:

Change "End Date" on the right to the last session availble in the drop box

You should see the "Total # Reservations" change to 26 (for the whole season)

Then click the "Please click below!" button. 

Sometimes a 2nd button will appear under "please click below!" if this happens click that to continue instead.


If you reach a page that looks like this then you are done. Your spot is reserved for the season.

If you are signing up for multiple classes a week simply repeat steps 7-10 for each class you want to take.

OH NO! Something went wrong

If you receive this error message and you have successfully completed contract purchase then something has gone wrong. Don't worry we are here to help. 

Contact Dane or Lance via phone 630.584.6588 during business hours or email us. We can help get you signed up.

Don't click OK navigate away! Clicking OK will take you to a page similar to the one below where you will be given the option to purchase all the credits for your season in a single payment.